The type of research IDOS can execute:


  • General Consumer Surveys

  • Tracker Surveys

  • Consumer Product Tests

  • Corporate Image Bench Marks/ Customer or Client Satisfaction Studies

  • Retail Surveys/Census

  • Price Sensitivity Studies

  • Opinion-Poll’s

  • Exit Poll’s

  • Media Surveys (general & product specific)

  • Mystery Shoppers

  • Focus group Studies

  • Desk Surveys


For the purpose of data gathering and data entry, IDOS uses the following methods:


  • Face to face interviews, with the use of a questionnaire (PAPI). Data entry takes place later manually at a later time.

  • Face to face interviews, with the use of a Tablet (CAPI) . Data entry takes place instantaneously.

  • Face to face "web" assisted interviews.

  • Focus group interviews .

  • IDOS has experience with CATI, but due to apparent unreliable results in Suriname, IDOS has chosen not to continue with the program.

  • For data processing  SPSS or SNAP software is used. 




Suriname rejoined the ranks of democracy in the beginning of the 1990’s, after which the IDOS decided to conduct opinion polls in Suriname. Over the years IDOS polls have become one of the permanent operational constituents of the democracy in Suriname. We from IDOS dare say that “The history of opinion polls in Suriname goes hand in hand with that of IDOS.”


Since 1991, at least two opinion polls have been conducted yearly by the IDOS. These polls, not only measure support for political parties, but they also measure public opinion on a wide range of social and political issues. These polls are published in all local newspapers and broadcast media, as a result of which they are the subject of much discussion by the public, journalists and politicians.




Our team consists of a staff of 3 academics and 60 part-time interviewers. The interviewers  most of which have a background in the social studies. Additionally, the IDOS has access to an active network of professionals with elaborate expertise in different fields of work.


Noteworthy is that IDOS also has a strategic alliance with research agencies in the Caribbean, Central America and Europe. This enables us to undertake a variety of activities in different areas/regions.

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