IDOS Omnibus survey

Omnibus survey is a research form with a so-called multi-client basis. In other words, rather than paying the full price for a special customized survey, which consists of a select number of questions, you will only pay for questions that are relevant to you. Your questions, along with those of others, will be included in the Omnibus survey.

You can have one single important question or you can have as many questions as you consider important. Through the use of the IDOS Omnibus survey, IDOS offers you the possibility to ask one or a number of questions to a large/specific target group.

Noteworthy is that the IDOS Omnibus can be an asset to companies, that are required, due to their ISO certification, to conduct research focused on "bench marking" and "client/customer satisfaction".

The IDOS will most certainly be able to provide you assistance in formulating questions that are important to you.

For more information , contact or email:

Ashok Hirschfeld tel: 08603614

E-mail: or

John Krishnadath tel: 08586405

E-mail: or

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