Voters expect large-scale fraud during upcoming elections

On the road to the upcoming elections various stakeholders, of which the OKB (Independent Electoral Council) is also one, have expressed their concerns about an unfair election.

From the public opinion poll that was conducted by IDOS on 20 May, it is evident that the majority of voters has some doubt about a fair election process for upcoming May 25. A mere 27 percent of the voters state that these will be fair. That this concernedness is not only among the so-called oppositional voters, is evident when we looked into how NDP members reacted on whether or not we would have fair elections on 25 May during this public opinion poll. 53.8 percent of the voters in this public opinion poll who stated that they preferred the NDP are of opinion that fraud will be committed, 12.5 percent is unsure and 30 percent has no opinion.

Based on randomization IDOS interviewed 554 eligible voters in Paramaribo for this research

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